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10D – Belfast – Portaferry | Timetable

10D – Belfast – Portaferry | Timetable Bus Times, Bus Routes and Departure Time, 10D – Belfast Bus Timetable Departure are listed for you in this content. Information about when the 10D Bus, which is active on weekdays and weekends, arrives, departure times, departure time, when it arrives, where the 10D – Belfast – Bus stops are, departure times, how to get to the station.

10D service operated by
A coach service operated by


Belfast – Portaferry | Timetable

Stand 1 (terminal) 10:35
Doctors Lane (outward) 10:35
Fire Station (outward) 10:36
Bus Garage (outward) 10:36
Floodgates (outward) 10:37
Teal Rocks (outward) 10:37
The Maltings (outward) 10:38
Finlays,Road (outward) 10:39
Finlay’s Road (outward) 10:41
Pattons Grove (outward) 10:41
Loughries School (outward) 10:42
Ballyblack Church (outward) 10:45
Ballycastle Road (outward) 10:46
Ballyblack Cross Roads (outward) 10:49
Grangee Road (outward) 10:52
Strangford College (outward) 10:54
Castle Place (outward) 10:54
Main St Carrowdore (outward) 10:55
Gospel Hall (outward) 10:55
Manse Court (outward) 10:55
Manse Close (outward) 10:55
Ballyboley, Corner (outward) 10:56
Mountstewart Road (outward) 10:59
Mountstewart (outward) 11:02
Model Farm (outward) 11:04
Islandview (outward) 11:06
Antique Shop (outward) 11:07
Klngs Corner (outward) 11:09
Ballygarvin (outward) 11:10
Nunsquarter Chapel (outward) 11:12
Bay View (outward) 11:13
Shore Road Stop (outward) 11:14
Northern Bank (outward) 11:14
Main Street (outward) 11:15
Cooks Cove (outward) 11:15
Rankins Corner (outward) 11:15
Whites Cottag (outward) 11:17
Gransha Corner (outward) 11:19
Saltwater Brig (outward) 11:20
Lisbane (outward) 11:21
Mccormicks Corner (outward) 11:24
Abbacy Road (outward) 11:25
Ballyridley Lake (outward) 11:27
Ballyherhily Corner (outward) 11:29
Mountain Road (outward) 11:30
Dam Road (outward) 11:31
Ann St (outward) 11:32s
Credit Union (outward) 11:32s
Portaferry, Square (inward) 11:33


Times marked s – “set down only” – the coach will only stop to drop passengers off

Bus Routes and Departure Time, the Timetable data from Translink open data

Bus Timetable


A bus service operated by Ulsterbus

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